IAALV Diwali 2014 – A big thank you

Happy Veterans Day to You All!


Dear Esteemed Members of our Community:


Clearly IAALV’s Annual Diwali function was a blast and most of our guests went home upbeat! 

On Nov 8, IAALV made history with a sold out event with over 650 people in attendance. With 205 participants, it was truly spectacular with variety, and received rave reviews.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all the choreographers and the participants and their families for coming forward to be a part of our year ending celebration. 

The outstanding effort of Team IAALV helped us conclude the year with such a high note. Without their dedication and attention it would not have been possible!

IAALV made history in more ways than one in 2014. Together we made it happen! We look forward to another successful year and your continued support in 2015. 

Soon we will embrace 2015 and plan on staying the course as most of you told us to. We are glad to have struck the right chord with you. 

To continue to be of service to you we need your help. 

First, we would like to see that our annual event is not one time Be-All and End-All engagement. We would like to see more of you in all of our programs. 

Second, we want you to become a paid member in 2015 by paying your dues online. This will help us undertake projects on your behalf.

Third, we want you to consider becoming a Team IAALV member to help us moving forward. We are looking to fill number of positions (secretary, asst secretary, asst treasurer, asst webmaster, (2) program managers, (6) members at-large) in 2015, so interested candidates are requested to send their nominations to president@iaalv.org.

All the best!


Where Team Matters, Not The Players!