Happy Gandhi Jayanti (2015)

Happy Gandhi Jayanti!

On 2015 Bapu’s Birth Anniversary – An Important Message


 Dear Esteemed Members of our Community:

 Let us all choose to rise above our differences and live together – as citizens of this world.  We must promote good human relations where we live and bridge the gaps between people of different cultures, language, race, age, background and beliefs, so that all citizens may participate fully in the life. This applies not just in the Lehigh Valley, but the world we live in so we can leave future generations a world full of peace, acceptance and inclusiveness.

 I strongly believe, to leave a legacy of love and passion in the world, we must raise our future generations to belong to this adopted country of ours and to be able to succeed as global citizens (if we groom them that way and they so choose).

 Broadened horizons give a perspective that broadens the mind and creates visionaries out of ordinary people. Our children deserve the opportunity to be recognized not as belonging just to any one State of any one country but as individuals and communities that the world wants to welcome as their own no matter where they go geographically. We must have the ability to envision that our next generation will relate to themselves as Americans and as World Citizens of Indian Descent not the 36 states and union territories that their parents have migrated from to these United States. 

 These are simple ways we Indian-Americans can improve race relations in America for our current generation and the generations to come. A lot has been done and lot has to be done on race relations. This is particularly important in the context of what has been happening lately in the United States.

 Team IAALV is proud of the work put in towards our and the larger community and wants to see the work continue and keep getting better with each new committee. IAALV needs many good people with altruistic sentiments to join as it continues to represent ‘Composite India’ as an ‘UMBRELLA ORGANIZATION’ in the Lehigh Valley making 7000 plus Lehigh Valley Indian-Americans relevant.

 Let us elect a new executive committee that represents diverse India and choose members with different backgrounds, perspectives and skills and a strong interest in serving our community. Diversity will make the committee stronger and continually improve our association.

 Ashim Bhowmick

President – IAALV 2014-15

Winner of 2003 Allentown Human Relations Award

610-966-5057 (Home); 610-457-4205 (Mobile)