IAALV is looking for volunteers to support the new STEAM+ (an after school project) from 3:15-5:00 PM, 3 week days for 10 weeks sessions.

Come and join the almost 50 Enthusiastic people who are involved in the local community.                                                                                                      

Dear Esteemed Members of our Community:

Team IAALV is excited to be involved with several education-related projects.

Currently, IAALV is looking for volunteers to support the new STEAM+ (an after school project) from 3:15-5:00 PM, 3 week days for 10 weeks sessions. The project details for this project along with ongoing projects are provided below.

The details are listed below –

STEAM+ – IAALV has been invited to be involved in a local project. Many local organizations are participating in the STEAM+ project conducted in three elementary schools in the ‘Allentown Promise Neighborhood’.  This is an after school activity that involves classroom support, mentoring and home-work assistance in reading & Math. This is a great opportunity for adults with flexible schedules and high school/college students. This may be a fantastic opportunity for seniors who may have retired from their profession but want to share their experience and knowledge with children.

IAALV is already involved in projects below –

Adult Education Support Program (AESP) – Many of you may be aware of this program that was launched in September 2012. The program now has 12 volunteers who tutor adults working towards their GED and provide computer skills training in MS Word and MS Excel. These sessions are for the benefit of adults at Lehigh County Community Corrections Center, Lehigh Carbon Community College and Lehigh County Jail. So far, this program has helped 11 adults graduate with their GED and 70 adults with computer skills training. All these sessions are held on the weekends, making it ideal for working people who want to volunteer a few hours.

Indian American Youth Group – Last year IAALV revived the youth group which now has 30 members. This group of caring young adults, under the advice and supervision of parents, has executed several projects most notably shoe drive ‘Strides for Spring’, Cook& Serve at 2nd Harvest Food Bank and collected $300 through ‘Change to Make a Change’ for Cyclone Hudhud. These youngsters are not only having fun by using their various individual talents, but they are learning some wonderful life skills.

Moreover, IAALV wants to facilitate the employment of the Adults those are tutored –

Explore Employment Opportunities – The adults that are taught through Adult Education Support Program, need much more than just education, they need employment for a better future. If you are able to offer these adults their next opportunity, we would like to talk to you.  

If any of these activities interest you, please contact

As Nelson Mandela said ‘Education is the most powerful weapon with which you can change the world‘. Lehigh Valley has made great strides towards bringing change. Allentown Mayor Pawlowski and his team are doing an awesome job in Allentown. Let us all be part of this new Lehigh Valley and show ‘We care for the community we live in’.

  • Team IAALV