Youth Group

The Indian American Youth Group (IAYG) completed its first official activity, Strides for Spring, on May 3rd 2014. The program was initiated by the Youth Group to collect gently used shoes for the needy. 6 drop-off centers including Parkland High School were set up in the Lehigh Valley. IAYG spread the word through direct contact and flyers de-signed by the group. On May 11th, shoes were brought to Goodwill to be counted and distributed. The Youth Group set a goal of 101 pairs of shoes which was exceeded by the collection of 282 pairs.

This project was a great learning experience for IAYG. The shoe drive was important for three reasons. First, organiz-ing drives are commendable acts that highlight the needs of those less fortunate than us. Second, it gave us the oppor-tunity to give back some of what life has generously provided us with. And finally we delayed the shoes going to land-fills thus helping our environment in a small yet significant way.