Overcoming Fear and Anxiety in These Trying Times!

Acting As a Catalyst for Reversing the Current Environment of Intolerance into Acceptance!!

Dear Esteemed Members of Our Community:

There is genuine and valid concern about the discriminatory actions of some who have been emboldened by the current political atmosphere. They have always been among us, but had not expressed their views as openly as they do now. However, America is still very welcoming and most people are good Samaritans keeping the American promise and its greatness alive. One such example is Mr. Ian Grillot, a 24-year-old from Olathe, Kansas who took a bullet in Kansas fatality of an Indian-American.

It is our responsibility to report any discriminatory behavior to appropriate authorities, but it is also our duty to appreciate our friends, colleagues, neighbors, school mates and others who love and respect us – it does not matter what the apparent differences are between us.

We, Indian-Americans need to be the catalyst for this change – reversing the current environment of intolerance into acceptance – and must continue to be inclusive and open-minded and get to know people from all communities around us. We are a fortunate people because we originate in a country that exemplifies the true meaning of unity in diversity. Inherently we know how it is done. Now we need to demonstrate it here.

We will continue to discuss our concerns with the various government bodies so they are aware of our concerns and our contributions. To that effect, I am sharing letters that IAALV Board Member and Legal Counsel Deepak Sharma, Esq. has just sent to Hon. Congressman Charlie Dent and Hon. Attorney General of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania Josh Shapiro regarding our concerns seeking a meeting and press conference.

Please ensure that our community members are aware of the actions IAALV has taken to make 7000 plus Lehigh Valley Americans of Indian Descent (irrespective of their affiliations) relevant and safe.

Let us all forge ahead together with a single unified voice as IAALV continually strives for the betterment of the community we serve, and the community at large.

Happy Navaratri, Easter, and Lailat al Miraj! May these Festivities Bring Us All Together Overcoming Bigotry, Intolerance and Hate thus Giving Us a Better Understanding of Our Shared Future and Making the World a Better Place to Live in Harmony!!

Please click on the following link to view the letters sent to our elected officials:

IAALV Letter to Congressman Dent (PDF)

IAALV Letter to Atty. General Shapiro (PDF)


Arun Kumar

IAALV President 2017

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Ashim Bhowmick

IAALV Board Chair 2017-18

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